January 2013 archive

Secure Yourself Legally

Business is difficult enough when you are trying to make it in a low economy. Consumer spending is low and there is an overall low-flow of cash circulating in the public arena today. If that is not enough times can become trying when speed-bumps so-to-speak arise from out of nowhere. Talking and consulting with a …

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Find Your Exact Targeted Keywords

Rank for Targeted Keywords The best way to increase your sites organic traffic is with a first page Google search engine rank. Your service, product or content needs to be shown to interested customers. A algorithm is used as sites are crawled to help determine ranking. Google as it crawls, indexes keywords, expert words and …

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Web Log Analysis Guide

Web servers generally record their transaction in a log file. Log files are helpful for tracking websites and acquiring information regarding the popularity of sites. Log files can keep details for example which files are accessed, when, as well as who or what accessed them. Log files are read by a program known as web …

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