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7 Vital Steps to Help You Climb the Article Marketing Ladder

Article Marketing.

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Writing and marketing articles is an effective means to build your business without spending too much to do so. Basically, you write an original article, submit it to one or more article distribution websites that disseminate it, which brings more potential clients to your website.

Creative, original, informative articles, obviously, are the ones that get the most exposure. To help you achieve this, here following is a list of things to keep in mind when writing articles for this purpose:

1. Your own website - Post the articles you write in your own website. Several search engines, such as Google, give preference for websites that are regularly updated.

Good and Cheap!

2. Article distribution websites - Ezine publishers and webmasters scour online directories, looking for quality content to publish. Having an article republished several times is a great way to exponentially increase traffic to your website.

3. Keyword and key phrase use - To help search engines and surfers find your article more easily, include keywords and key phrases and repeat these all throughout the article (three to five times is enough). The easier your article is to find, the more readers will read it.

4. Word count - Articles with less than 500 words are usually regarded by online Ezine publishers and webmasters as too short to actually contain any useful content. Strive for a word count of 500-800 when writing articles so that your article will appear more attractive to these people.

5. Author resource box - Include an author resource box after your article. This should contain your name, area of specialty and a link to the website you manage. Be informative and avoid selling yourself, as this makes you appear desperate to your potential clients.

6. Original content - Write your own content. There are numerous services out there that offer to write for you: software, various article wizards and PLR (Private Label Rights) article websites. These, though, tend to use content that is hackneyed and therefore unoriginal. Everybody has their own writing form and style. Use this uniqueness to your advantage.

7. Persistence and consistency - Article marketing, like almost all other forms of marketing, takes time. Do not expect traffic to surge up after only your first article. Patience is a virtue, as they say.

It is important that these steps are implemented properly. When these seven steps are carried out, you will be able to see just how effective article marketing can be in establishing yourself as a specialist, giving quality information to your clients and progressing in your business by having more clients.

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