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I Just Remembered: the Long Term Capital Gains Rate!

For some in the low bracket tax category, the long term capital gains tax rate may be zero, but this is subject to qualifying. As always, tax can be tricky and subject to a few stipulations. The long term capital gains tax rate of course will change after 2010. Short Term Capital Gains Tax 2011 …

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Everyone is Finding the Earned Income Credit Table Online

It’s easy to assume that the eic will surely apply to you, but I was personally surprised this last spring upon finding that it did not in fact, apply to me. Why you ask? I would like to know if the earned income credit table was made for me. You must meet the following requirements …

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Which 2011 Tax Forms Do I Need?

How many 2011 tax forms are there? If you are unfamiliar with the 1040A tax form, then make sure you are prepared when you begin filing your taxes. You will have to have certain things ready, such as proof of income and taxes paid, student loan interest statements, dependent information, as well as any other …

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Examining the FUTA Tax Rate of 2011 A Little Closer

Calculate FUTA Tax Rates As the employer, you will have to file Form 940. By the way, the whole point of this tax is to collect funds to pay to employees who have lost their jobs. We have all heard of someone collecting unemployment haven’t we? Well this money did not just magically appear. FUTA …

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