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Do you ever celebrate wedding anniversaries???

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My husband and I will have been married for twelve years this coming March. Twelve years – I can’t believe we made it! We started out as mere children, with no idea what the future held in store. Now, having matured and grown together, we have two happy, healthy children, a rambling old house, a pile of debt and each other.

Our family has always been big on celebrating wedding anniversaries. As children, we would get so excited about our parents anniversary. We would spend weeks working on the perfect card, buying ingredients and baking a wondrous cake, and gathering up our coins and pennies to buy the most fantastic wedding anniversary present ever!

I remember one year, during a time period when our mother was in love with everything wicker and rattan, we found what we considered to be the best gift ever! In a little, whimsical gift shop in town, in the very front window sat a little wicker basket.

Inside the basket were five coaster, each with an intricate wicker frame. The centre of each coaster had an asian-inspired water color painting, protected behind glass. My sisters and I were in love! This would indeed be our very best wedding anniversary present we had ever found for our parents! We entered the store, wide-eyed and shyly went to the customer service desk to ask about the price. We found out that the coaster set was only $7.50!


That left us with just over $3.00 after tax – plenty to pay for gift wrapping and maybe even a bow!

Years later when things weren’t so happy in our family, I remember a huge argument between our parents. I’m still sad to remember seeing my mother clear one of the coffee table with a swipe of her arm. That was the coffee table that had been home to our little coaster set, that my sisters and I had bought with such love and esteem for our parents marriage.

In the end, our parents stuck together. There were more storms and arguments along the way, but almost every year we managed to pull together some sort of celebration in honor of their years together. Sometimes it would just be a card with best wishes; other years we’d go all out and spring for an anniversary gift.

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These later gifts cost much more money than the wedding anniversary presents we would select as children, however, the coaster set of many years ago, is still remembered fondly for the love and care behind the gift and the thought that went into it. And when we do visit our parents home, up on a shelf, away from any angry outbursts, sits that little coaster set. It maybe a little bit dusty, and there are a few scratches and broken bits. But, it still holds testament to our parents marriage and the years they’ve spent together.

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For our own children and in our own marriage, we too hold wedding anniversary celebrations in high esteem. Our children love to make special cards, we always have a cake and every year we can look forward to a special wedding anniversary gift from our two wonderful kids!

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