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What is Social Media? Can It Help Ailing Businesses?

When I first asked what is social media about 3 years back people looked back at me with blank faces obviously not aware what social media was about. For those that vaguely knew they couldn’t see the point of it and more importantly how it would help grow their business. Fast-forward to 2012 people are …

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10k Per Month From An iPhone Using Social Media!

Is it possible to make 10k Per Month from an iPhone? The cynical part of me said “yeah right” but you know I started to research behind the scenes and watched a ton of YouTube videos to come to the conclusion that although the under 30 year olds are active on social media but hey …

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What Must be Done to Get More Leads with Social Media

It is important that you get new leads for your internet marketing business. With the right leads, you can get additional sales. Even though there are a number of ways to gather leads, a growing trend is to use social media to get in touch with your audience. Social media presents a unique opportunity to …

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